The greatest inventions come from the lazy. We, the lazy change the world efficiently. Connect, control, and secure your home with UNIQON.

The UNIQON Set includes all three products and free shipping to the US and Korea for $239. This special offer ends November 30, 2015 and will arrive before Christmas. Only 1,000 sets are available.

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Do you worry about your home when you are away?

Now, you can be sure that nothing unexpected happens while you are out.


Connect your home

UNIQON Hub keeps an eye on your home 24/7 with the HD video camera inside. It connects UNIQON Plugs and UNIQON Sensors into the cloud to create a centralized smart home system. It also allows you to control remote-controlled devices such as TVs, A/C, and amps.

HD Camera

Smart Home Hub

Universal Remote


Control your home

Remotely control your lights or appliances through your smart phone. Know your energy consumption and save money.

On/Off Switch

Energy Monitoring

Indoor Location


Secure your home

Know what’s going on when you are not around. You will receive alerts on your smart phone if something unexpected happens.

Open / Close / Break-in



Your home is in your hands

Make your home respond to your finger tips. It’s fast and easy.

Lazy means smart

Ready to be lazy?

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